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Q; Do we have Liability Insurance
A: Yes we do.
Q: How late do we pickup equipments?
A: 10pm but it depends on the location of venue.
Q: Do we cut branches?
A: No we do not due to insurance and safety policy.
Q: What do you require to book an event?
A: Name and Address and 50% deposit of the order. We accept cash. checks, debit and all major credit cards. Any payments made by a check must be made at least one week prior to your event to allow the funds to clear.
Q; Do you offer package deals?
A: Yes we do.
Q: How much is your delivery fee?
A: Delivery rates vary depending on delivery specifics. Please contact us for a quote.
Q: I need my rentals for more than one day, how does that work?
A: Please contact us and we will quote you a multi-day rate for your items.
Q: I did not use all my items, will I get a refund?
A: Rental items are charged for time out, not for use. Every items that leaves our building is treated the same way upon return, used or not. This insures that every item you receive is clean.
Q: Can I pickup up rentals?
A: Yes your able to but there will be an additional fee if items are not returned on the returned date.
Q: How long does it take for setup.
A: It can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours or more depending whats being setup. So far thats what I have. Didn’t know it required all of these info.(crying at this moment) lol
Please feel free to add anything else that you think is missing.

Client Testimonials

I rented a bounce house, chairs and tables from Richard and he was very efficient and professional in getting the items to me on time....and they are affordable, The service was great! I would recommend to friends and family.


Jan 31, 2014

I rented tables, chairs and a tent for my daughter's 13th birthday party. The prices were reasonable, everything was delivered on time and the staff was professional and accommodating. I will definitely be a repeat customer and refer Bouncy Feet to family and friends!


Feb 19, 2014

They made the process of renting a bounce house simple. It was the first time I've had to rent on for my son's party. The price and service are spot on. I will highly recommend Bouncy Feet to my friends and family. I look forward to having them at my next event. Thanks again!


Jan 22, 2015

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